Sarah Puetzer


Pembroke College


DPhil in Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

Thesis Title:

Reading real and virtual ‘poetic spaces’: an analysis of experimental contemporary Japanese poetry

Educational Background:

IUC Intensive Academic and Professional Japanese Training Programme, administered by Stanford University

MSc Japanese Studies, University of Oxford

MA Comparative Literature and Art, Potsdam University

BA Comparative Literature / Japanese Studies, Free University of Berlin and University of Tsukuba

Research Interests:

- Comparative Literature
- Contemporary Japanese Literature and Poetry
- Theories of Space and Reader-Reception Theory

The aim of my interdisciplinary dissertation project is to examine the intersection of text and space in contemporary Japanese experimental poetry. It will focus on the reader response and use 'poetic spaces' by Saihate Tahi, Fuzuki Yumi, Mizusawa Nao and others as examples. Situated between the fields of comparative literature, art history and social anthropology, it will draw on theories of space, cognitive literary studies and reader-reception theory to argue that poetry, when published in physical or virtual space, takes on a more fluid form, foregrounding readers and their experiences of reading poetry. My dissertation also suggests that poetic spaces can be read as sites of resistance that negotiate not only our practice of reading poetry, but also our perception of what poetry is.

Sarah Puetzer