Shailendra Bhandare


Assistant Keeper (South Asian Numismatics), Heberden Coin Room, Ashmolean Museum 

Faculty / College Address:

Ashmolean Museum


Research Interests:

  • Indian Coinage: its historical context, utility and evolution with specific attention to the early historic, medieval (Mughal) and modern periods. Also its significance for undertaking studies of broad historical interests such as cross-cultural syncretism, urbanisation and colonialism
  • Applicability of Indian Numismatics for various Indological themes such as art, iconography, epigraphy and archaeology

Current Projects:

  • Teaching of Skills

Courses Taught:

  • Working on devising projects titled 'Monetary integration of India under British Rule' and the 'History of the Rupee'. Both will include research on the circulatory history of coinage in India during in 16th-20th centuries.

Recent Publications:

  • Papers presented: 'Numismatics and History: The Maurya-Gupta interlude in the Gangetic Plains' at the Conference 'Between the Empires', held at Centre for South Asian Studies, University of Texas at Austin, April 2003;
  • 'Money on the Move: The Rupee and the Indian Ocean Region', at the seminar 'Narratives of the Sea' held at the Nehru Memorial Library, New Delhi, December 2003
  • Papers published: 'Bombay Billys: The British Coinage for Malabar Coast', supplement to Oriental Numismatic Society Newsletter 174, Autumn 2003;
  • 'Coingae of the Habshi rulers of Janjira', Oriental Numismatic Society Newsletter 178. winter 2003-2004

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