Silvia Lischi


Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

Research Interests:

My primary research focus is the exploration of southwestern Arabia, investigating the complex pattern of human-environment interactions from the Bronze Age to the emergence of Islam. I have a strong interest in the scientific study and exploration of Dhofar, the southernmost region of the Sultanate of Oman, where I am leading three research programmes, the Inqitat Archaeological Project, DhofarMap, and HELFA, all integral components of the larger DHOMIAP Project. In addition, my research efforts extend to the southeastern area of Saudi Arabia, which I investigated as part of the MAFSN project.


Within this broad research framework, my primary objectives include:

- Human-environment palimpsest analysis, with the aim of deciphering the multifaceted pattern that characterized the region.

- Cultural interactions between different cultures and societies. This research seeks to elucidate the rich pattern of cultural exchange that has defined this area over time.

- Nomadic-sedentary dynamics. An important aspect of my work centres on the study of the dichotomy between nomadic and sedentary lifestyles. This study seeks to clear the intricate relationship between these two ways of life and their impact on the historical development of the region.

- Bronze Age archaeological landscape. I am exploring the role of the Bronze Age in shaping the development of Iron Age societies in the region.


Current Projects:

DHOMIAP Project (

MAFSN Project – Saudi-French Archaeological and Epigraphic Mission to Najrān



Recent Publications:



In preparation a monographic volume on Dhofar and its peculiar culture.


Recent papers


G. Crippa, S. Lischi, M. Cremaschi. Investigating the Upper Holocene palaeoenvironment and human subsistence strategy in the Khor Rori coastal area by studying mollusc remains from the Inqitat plateau (Dhofar, Sultanate of Oman). Journal of Quaternary Science.

D. Zampierin, P. S. M. Moita, S. LISCHI, M. E. J. J. van Aerde, P. M. C. Barrulas, J. Mirão. Oman pottery provenance analysis as a key to ancient Indian maritime trade: a multi-analytical approach. Archaeometry.

M. Vangeli, S. LISCHI, G. Gattiglia, F. Sala. Photogrammetry for 3D reconstruction of human remains from the necropolis KR-N1 in Dhofar (Southern Oman): the importance of digital technology applied to osteoarchaeological studies. Archeologia e Calcolatori.

S. LISCHI. Deconstructing Sumhuram: Exploring the Concept of "City" on Southwestern Arabia's Fringes. Chapter in the volume entitled ‘Lost cities': form, meaning and perception of urban settlements in the Ancient Near and Middle East.



2023 S. LISCHI, J-F. Haquet, Y.H. Hilbert, A. Prioletta. First results of the 2020 and 2021 seasons of the Saudi-French Archaeological and Epigraphic Mission to Najrān in the area of Ḥimā (Najrān, Saudi Arabia). Proceedings of the Seminar for Arabian Studies 52: 237-251.

2023 S. LISCHI. A first definition of the Dhofar Coastal Culture: Archaeological exploration on the Inqitat promontory in the Khor Rori area (Dhofar, Sultanate of Oman). Ancient Civilization and Cultural Resources, Vol. 1: 23-38.

2023 G. Crippa, S. LISCHI, A. Chiari, M. Dapiaggi e M. Cremaschi. Discovering fire events in the HAS1 settlement on the Dhofar coast (Oman) by a multi-methodological study of mollusc shells. Quaternary Research.

2022 S. LISCHI, A. Pavan, A. Fusaro. La ceramica locale in Dhofar (Oman meridionale): tipi, tecniche produttive e circolazione dall’Età del Ferro al periodo Islamico. Egitto e Vicino Oriente Antico, tra passato e futuro: 169-178.

2021 S. LISCHI. Notes on the South Arabian occupation of Inqitat. Proceedings of 23rd Rencontres Sabéennes.

2020 S. LISCHI. A mosaic glass “flower” bead from Inqitat, Dhofar. Journal of Indian Ocean Archaeology, No. 15-16: 24-30.

2020 Y.H. Hilbert, S. LISCHI. The lithic industry from the Iron Age coastal settlement HAS1 (Inqitat), southern Oman. Proceedings of the Seminar for Arabian Studies 2020: 177-191.

2020 S. LISCHI. Beads and pendants from Inqitat (Dhofar, Sultanate of Oman). Polish Archaeology in the Mediterranean, Proceedings of the Red Sea Conference VIII: Coveted Treasure.

2020 F. Brandolini, M. Cremaschi, M. Degli Esposti, S. LISCHI, G.S. Mariani, A. Zerboni. SfM-photogrammetry for fast recording of archaeological features in remote areas. Archeologia e calcolatori 31.

2020 S. LISCHI, E. Odelli, J.L. Perumal, J.L. Lucejko, E. Ribechini, M.M. Lippi, T. Selvaraj, M.P. Colombini, S. Raneri. Indian Ocean trade connections: characterization and commercial routes of torpedo jars. Heritage Science 8:76.

2020 S. LISCHI. Decorated shell discs from Sumhuram, Oman. Proceedings of Broadening Horizon 5, West & East, edited by C. Coppini and F. Simi, Supplementa.

2019 S. LISCHI. Risultati preliminari delle ricerche archeologiche presso l’insediamento HAS1 di Inqitat, Dhofar (2016-2019). Egitto e Vicino Oriente XLII, pp. 119-133.

2019 L. Weeks, H. David-Cuny, A. Avanzini, S. LISCHI, F. Genchi, F. Caputo, Y. Y. Al Ali, and M. Boraik. Worked and Decorated Shell Discs from Southern Arabia and the Wider Near East. Arabian Archaeology and Epigraphy.

2018 S. LISCHI. Macroscopic analysis of the bead assemblage from the South Arabian port of Sumhuram (seasons 2000 – 2003). Arabian Archaeology and Epigraphy Arabian Archaeology Epigraphy 29:1, pp. 65-92.


A full list of my publications is here (