Young-hae Chi


Lecturer in Korean Language 

Faculty / College Address:

Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern StudiesRegent's Park College


Research Interests:

My research interests cover a variety of subjects in Korean Studies with special emphasis on the pedagogy and acquisition of modern Korean language. I have been looking at the impact of English-speaking people’s interests in Korean culture and history, particularly contemporary Korean pop culture, on the pattern of language acquisition.

Another research area includes the relationship between ethics, politics, and religion, with special emphasis on inter-Korean relations. I have been an expert adviser to the UK Home Office on the issues of the North Korean language and human rights issues involving North Korean asylum seekers.

Current Projects:

I am involved in two new projects. One is a comparative study of regional dialects in North Korea seen through the language habits of North Korean refugees in the UK.

The other is the changes of South Korean young generations’ attitudes towards national unification as they are reflected in social communication on Social Networking Service.

Courses Taught:

  • Korean as subsidiary language for Chinese and Japanese Studies students
  • Text reading for M.St in Korean Studies
  • Text reading for M.Phil in Traditional East Asia
  • Text reading for D.Phil  (tutorial)
young hae chi