Prof. Jieun Kiaer Awarded OPEN Fellowship for Language Education Innovation

The Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies celebrates the accomplishment of Prof. Jieun Kiaer, who has been honoured with the OPEN Fellowship Award. This accolade supports her collaborative project with the Department for Education (DfE), titled "Oxford and Department for Education: Working Together to Improve Modern Languages Teaching and Learning Throughout the UK – Case Study on Korean."

Prof. Kiaer's research confronts the complexities of language education in the UK, aiming to reimagine how languages are taught in one of the world's most linguistically diverse nations. The study will investigate the motivations and attitudes of learners, seeking to influence policy by integrating a broad spectrum of languages into the curriculum, especially those beyond the traditional European focus.

The project has garnered strong support from the DfE and promises to significantly broaden the scope of language education in the UK. It emphasizes the inclusion of Asian and Middle Eastern languages, thus enhancing the national educational framework.

Prof. Kiaer’s initiative exemplifies the critical role humanities research can play in shaping policy. This fellowship not only stands as a testament to Prof. Kiaer's expertise but also to the Faculty's commitment to educational excellence and cultural diversity. Prof. Kiaer's project is poised to forge new pathways for language learning across the UK.