Bo Hu


Lecturer in Chinese Language

Faculty / College Address:

China Centre 


Courses Taught:

  • Modern Chinese Language: listening comprehension, oral presentation, characters, grammar, translation, debate, newspaper reading, etc.
  • Literature texts, historical texts
  • Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language

Current Projects:

  • Historical texts as language learning materials 
  • Academic translation
  • Learning Through Visual Materials Phase 2

Past Projects and Publications:

This project selects six videos on the theme of film, art and music. They are provided courtesy of Clockwork Zhang, Du Xiyun and Ma Shih Fang. The materials aim to improve listening skills and vocabulary intake for advanced learners, and to develop their interests in the language-specific field.

  • Book project (2016-2018)

    Manual in Teaching and Learning Chinese as a Foreign Language, 2018, Routledge

This project catalogues students’ journals on their character learning experience. Its findings are published in Teaching Chinese characters: what we know and what we can do, in C. Shei, M. Zikpi and D. Chao (eds), the Routledge Handbook of Chinese Language Teaching, 2019, Routledge

Early publication on character learning: About character learning: critically presenting twenty years’ research evidence. International Chinese Language Education, 2012, 2, 134-149

  • Chinese Language Learning Difficulty Survey (2008)

    This project carries out an extensive survey on the difficulties in learning Chinese. The findings are published in The challenges of Chinese: a preliminary study of UK learners' perceptions of difficulty, Language Learning Journal, 2010, 38, 1, 99- 118

  • Teacher Training (2008-2010)

    I coordinated a Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language Module for students at the Department of Educational Studies.

    I organised a Teacher Training Workshop participated by international and local speakers and teachers.

  • Course Organisation (2008-2011)

    I organised a Chinese Language Learning for Mid-Career Development course offered to academics in universities across the U.K. Some experience is shared in The challenges of blended learning: critically evaluating the Chinese language case. The EUROCALL Review, 2012, 20, 2

    I organised a Stand Alone Language Paper course offered to students in other departments of the University.

  • Other projects

    Translatability: Word concreteness and word translatability: relations and implications for second language acquisition, with L, Tian. Chinese Journal of Applied Linguistics, 2015, 38-4, 435-450

    Belief: Do teachers and students of Chinese share similar beliefs about teaching and learning strategies? with L, Tian. System, 2012, 40, 2, 237-254

    Tone: Chinese tone learning strategies and tone competence. Journal of International Chinese Language Teaching and Learning (now International Chinese Language Education), 2007, 4, [in Chinese]



  • The identity of female clerics, Liu Xueqiang. In M, Erie (ed), Sharia Source Blog at Harvard Law School, 2016. 
  •  Enclosure: An absurdist allegory on the reality of transposition. He Hai. In B.Kennedy, A.Mitha, L.Waiwright (eds), Triennial City: Localising Asian Art, 2014.



Photograph of Bo Hu